“The Trophy Effect will change your life. I know, because it changed the life of someone very near and dear to me—for which I am eternally grateful. This is groundbreaking work, an incredible journey you will never forget …”
Dr. Tony Alessandra,
Author of The Platinum Rule, Member of the Speakers Hall of Fame
“A truly life-enhancing book! Very much needed in these turbulent times! Michael not only shines a light on why and how we perceive ourselves, but on what causes us to react in a particular way! Once we gain the insights he so gently and thoughtfully gives us, we can adapt easier, react less, and enjoy life even more! Worth every minute you spend with The Trophy Effect!
Erika Schwartz, MD, Evolved Science,
New York; Author of The New Hormone Solution
“A profound and courageous work. Your life will truly never be the same. Michael Nitti has developed a technique to master the inner-workings of the human mind, revealing a sustainable life of complete satisfaction and limitless possibility. Decades of personal study and practical exercise uphold the message and lessons contained in this book. Michael gifts us a missing piece of the puzzle, allowing us to become the masters of our fate and the captains of our soul. A journey inward you do not want to miss …”
David Morehouse, PhD,
Author of The Psychic Warrior
“Having retired at age thirty-nine, I soon found myself asking, “Is this all there is to life?” Fortunately, it wasn’t too long before I was introduced to Michael Nitti and discovered the secret of The Trophy Effect—and along with it, my true “Self.” I was inspired to step beyond my fears and to launch what has grown into yet another successful business—and am now teaching The Trophy Effect to my clients as well. Therefore, here’s my coaching: The Trophy Effect is incredible. Read it now and change your life forever!”
Tim Taylor,
Real Estate Mentor and Success Coach